1024B Club

The internet has become a bloated mess, but it doesn't have to be that way. This is a collection of webpages focused on efficiency. The rules are:
  1. Site resources must not exceed 1024B.
  2. The URL must point to a homepage.
  3. The site must contain useful content or links to such content. If it just shows something you can Google (e.g. IP address), rule 3 is not satisfied.
To join, do a GTMetrix scan on your site and submit an issue on GitHub.


  1. lil.gay - 398B
  2. maczan.pl - 426B
  3. dajbelshaw.github.io/1024B - 624B
  4. benj.lol - 642B

Created by Ben Peretz with ♥ for a fun web; inspired by 512KB Club